Kiosk Devices Can Be Expensive, But They Don’t Have To Be

Digital Kiosk Display


Buying a customized kiosk-specific device can be expensive.  Investing in an expensive device, stand, maintenance, etc. for something that can only be used for one purpose, may be a hard decision.  However, to compete with Amazon Go cashier-less stores, Walmart’s pickup towersTaco Bell’s award winning self service technology, and others, businesses have to adopt tech savvy marketing and customer service experiences.

It is an unfortunate reality that Interactive Kiosks are an expensive investment.  Alternatively, you can achieve kiosk functionality at a much lower cost by turning general purpose mobile devices into single-purpose tablet kiosks using Moki’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) software.  Moki is specifically built for customer-facing devices.  This means that you can convert iPads and Android tablets into customer friendly mobile devices, instead of paying for an expensive customized single kiosk machine.  Moki allows you to limit the mobile device’s functionality to a select amount of kiosk apps and websites for your customers.

Need more than one mobile kiosk?
Use Moki to seamlessly manage and control a few or tens of thousands of mobile devices in multiple locations, remotely.

How about other types of customer service devices?
Moki’s software can also be used to convert mobile devices into mPOS systems and Digital Signage Devices.  Moki is your solution for easy customer facing device management and deployment in masse.

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