Announcing MokiTouch – Android Kiosk with remote management

This morning we are pleased to announce the availability of MokiTouch, the first Android kiosk app with remote management for both the device and the kiosk settings. There are many ways to use tablets as single-purpose devices, but among them we think a kiosk app, or simply a customizable browser, is one of the most versatile and common. Using MokiTouch and some fancy HTML and CSS, you can create compelling interactions in a wide range of ways: digital signage, internet kiosk, product information, receptionist…we have seen all kinds of things.

MokiTouch has been built to handle any kind of use case involving web content and a tablet. What makes MokiTouch special is remote management for both the app settings and the device itself. This approach gives you complete control over the whole experience. Whether you need to modify the content that is displayed or reboot the device, MokiTouch enables you to do it to one or all of your devices no matter where they are.


MokiTouch has a long list of features for your kiosk, including:

  • Custom Buttons so users can quickly navigate to various sites
  • Automatically clear user’s private data and credentials
  • Schedule the screen to turn off at night and back on in the morning
  • Remotely reboot the tablet and auto-start MokiTouch
  • Remove the OS navigation buttons, turning it into a true kiosk
  • Silently push updates to MokiTouch
  • More…

We are excited to get more users using MokiTouch for Android. If you are interested, please let us know and we will get you started right away.



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