Top Tips – Controlling Customer Facing Devices In Store


Top Tips – How To Get Total Control Of Customer Facing Devices In Store.

Retailers are accelerating adoption of in-store tablets to bridge the store / online experience gap, but face a range of challenges. Here is our guide to clearing the hurdles:

  • Get the business case right first – Digital Interactions via Customer Facing Devices must drive higher spend per customer, enable the store to deliver an amazing customer experience, and raise staff productivity
  • Think about quality devices and application control and management as a single ecosystem, comprising tablets, signage, kiosks, electronic shelf-edge labels and interactive POS
  • Get buy-in from all stakeholders by understanding their requirements – board, marketing, IT, operations and store associates – as this will ensure pilots turn into roll outs
  • STAR TIP: Choose an integrated solution that embraces device and app control, as well as hardware quality issues – freeing you to focus on delivering benefits to customers in store.
  • Understand the risk in deploying apps ‘running in the wild’ on the network; these apps need to be tracked across their entire lifecycle, with tools that can encrypt private data and continuously check for security holes
  • Automatically install software to skip the device staging process and enable the remote adjustment of settings when a device is connected to the Internet
  • Extend use of devices and maintain a consistent user experience by keeping software up-to-date, through silent updates to the Android operating system, firmware and drivers
  • STAR TIP: Use business analytics to understand the value of Digital Interactions with your customers across the entire digital ecosystem

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About the Author: Michael Girdley