Control the User Experience By Locking Down Your Devices

Lockdown your devices

With mobile devices like kiosks, tablets, point-of-sale devices and other forms of digital signage being placed across various locations and often left unattended, it is still critical to control what the end-user experience is. Often when users pick up devices, they try to interact with various apps, programs and websites instead of focusing on exactly what the device is meant to display. 

True Kiosk Mode or Application Lockdown, locks a device or a fleet of devices to show one single application. When a user tries to utilize a device, this is the application that will be force-launched and cannot be exited. This controls what end-users see and blocks access to other applications, settings or other items they might be looking to use on devices. Having a feature like this in place allows us for more control and draws focus only to the digital display or interaction that we want them to see. 

Benefits of True Kiosk Mode or Application Lockdown

This feature provides many benefits to both the end user and the device manager to ensure each party has a positive experience. A few benefits include: 

  • Allows users to provide devices for single-purpose use cases without any concern that the devices will be used inappropriately. 
  • Users of the devices will only have access to the one specific application that is desired.
  • Helps control the end-user experience.
  • Reduces device outages, errors, viruses and spam.
  • Lockdown across fleets of devices, not just a single device. 

How Does True Kiosk Mode or Application Lockdown Work? 

In the Moki platform, this setting can be easily applied or removed from devices individually or in bulk.. App Lock can be configured for use with any application on the device to control what the end-users can view and interact with.

When deployed, app lock force-launches a single specific application to the chosen devices and locks into that application so a user cannot close it or get out of it. 

Let Moki Lockdown Your Devices

Device lockdown is a highly used feature for devices deployed on MDM. On our platform, one of our customers deploys tablets in various business locations to collect customer feedback. App Lock allows them to leave these tablets out for anyone to interact with. Because of how robust this feature is, they do not need to be concerned with the tablets being used for anything other than customer feedback capture.

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