Use Customer Facing Devices As Self-Service Order Kiosks In Restaurants

Customer Facing Devices are changing the way that businesses do business. The evolution of digital technologies has changed the business model for restaurants. Take mobile (and its predecessor, online) ordering for example. To remain relevant (and running), restaurants have needed to adopt digital technology and innovate their strategies along with consumer adoption of technology.

One such innovation is the adoption of touch screens and mobile technology in individual restaurant locations. These Customer Facing Devices, typically a standard-size mobile device (like an iPad or Android tablet), are delivering personalized and engaging Digital Interactions in order to yield improved patron satisfaction and increased sales.

Here are some ways that Customer Facing Devices are being used in Restaurants:

1. Table-top tablets are deployed at casual dining establishments to enable menu browsing, drink and appetizer ordering, payments and even games (for those who struggle sitting still…adult and child alike) 2. Self-service ordering kiosks are implemented in fast-casual restaurants that allow customers to order and customize meals on their own terms 3. Order-fulfillment devices are carried by restaurant staff to ensure that custom orders are accurate and delivered on time

Panera 2.0

In 2014, Panera Bread announced its 2.0 initiative. It is an initiative to create a more personalized and enjoyable dining experience. The initiative would reform and adapt everything from order taking and fulfillment to patron interaction with the wait staff. Much of the initiative mixes the best of digital technology with customer service in order to bring the benefits of both digital technology and good old-fashioned person-to-person interaction.


A key part to the Panera 2.0 initiative is the implementation of Customer Facing Devices to facilitate self-service ordering. Panera calls these Customer Facing Devices, “Fast-Lane Kiosks”. The kiosks are accompanied by a “Kiosk Ambassador” for when assistance is needed, however the order and customizing is done on the patron’s terms. The kiosks also accept card payments and connect each payment directly to the patron’s rewards account.


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