Customer Facing Devices In Restaurants Improve The Dining Experience

Restaurants are using Customer Facing Devices to improve the experience of their guests. As digital technologies have evolved, so have restaurant marketing, sales and fulfillment strategies. Online and then mobile ordering have required shifts in business models and led way to many technologies to help facilitate increased patron satisfaction.

Restaurants are finding that deploying Customer Facing Devices throughout their locations are yielding much more than improved patron satisfaction. They are also experiencing increased sales on individual orders, and improved table-turnover times (allowing them to serve more patrons).

Here are some ways that Customer Facing Devices are being used in Restaurants:

1. Table-top tablets are being implemented at casual dining establishments to enable menu browsing, drink and appetizer ordering, payments and even games (for those who struggle sitting still…adult and child alike)

2. Self-service ordering kiosks are being implemented in fast-casual restaurants to enable customers to order and customize meals on their own terms

3. Order-fulfillment devices are used by restaurant staff to speed up service time and ensure that orders are being customized correctly and delivered on time

OTG Management Company

The OTG Management Company runs airport restaurants and has been redesigning airport facilities around the country using Customer Facing Devices. Travelers are greeted at restaurants and other waiting areas with iPads the allow them to order food (and eventually other items). The food ordering is connected to order-fulfillment devices that are held by each restaurant employee that ensure fulfillment in a timely manner.


The use of Customer Facing Devices allows travelers to order on their own terms and time frame and not rely on wait staff. If they are in a rush they can order right away, or if they are killing time they can take their time. Airport/restaurant staff members are able to handle more tables because of the order-fulfillment devices.

Over time, frequent travelers’ preferences will be stored and suggestive cross-selling will occur. Overall, the result is a more efficient, comfortable and personalized travel/dining experience.

You can learn more about how OTB Management Company is changing the face of travel here.


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