Cutting Costs with Digital Signage: Why MDM With Moki Is the Way

Businesses of all types are turning to digital signage as a way to improve branding and marketing. But what many business owners don’t realize is that digital signage can also help reduce costs. With the right mobile device management solution (MDM) like Moki, businesses can take advantage of remote MDM which can save them money in the long run. Let’s take a closer look at how digital signage can help reduce costs for businesses.

Driving Down Costs with Digital Signage Software

Digital signage is a cost-effective way to reach customers and promote your brand. With digital signage, businesses can display content in a variety of ways that are both eye-catching and informative. And because digital signage is flexible, businesses can change their content as needed – quickly and easily, without additional costs. A comprehensive digital signage software solution will  also include features like mobile device management (MDM), which can help businesses save even more money with remote options.

With traditional signage, such as items printed on some sort of physical display piece such as a banner, window sticker, or non-digital billboard, someone would have to physically go to each location where the content is displayed and change it accordingly. As a result, additional costs are incurred and  the process is generally more time-consuming.

Remote Mobile Device Management Solutions That Make Your Life Easier

In addition to being more cost-effective, digital signage is also easier to manage with mobile device management solutions like Moki. With Moki, MDMs offer the ability to remotely manage devices so there is no need for someone to be physically present for common occurrences like troubleshooting, app updates, device updates, device reboots, device configuration changes and more.  This is a significant time saver and helps businesses reduce support costs.

To put it in perspective, if a business had 1000 locations and was experiencing any of the above, they would have to physically send a person to each of the 1000 devices to resolve the issue and/or make the necessary updates and configurations. As you can imagine,  this is costly in terms of both time and money. With remote MDM, however, businesses can quickly and easily manage all of their devices from a central location, which results in significant operational cost reductions.

How This Company Managed to Cut Costs & Save Time with Remote MDM

One of our customers, a large national retailer with hundreds of locations, was struggling to manage their digital signage devices effectively. Their devices were initially deployed without any device management or content management. So, anytime a device was experiencing an issue or content needed to be updated, they would have to pay someone to physically go to the device and make the necessary changes. This was proving to be both inefficient and expensive.

Once the retailer reached out to Moki for a MDM solution,  we were able to quickly and easily deploy our platform across their entire fleet of digital signage devices. With Moki in place, they now have the ability to troubleshoot and update their devices much more easily and quickly, all at a lower cost.

Why Mobile Device Management with Moki?

If you’re looking for a way to reduce your operational costs, Moki’s digital signage offerings with remote mobile device management (MDM) may be the perfect solution for you. Our remote MDM capabilities give businesses of all types the power to manage and monitor their devices from a central location, ensuring that displays are always up-to-date and aligned with company standards. In addition, Moki’s partnership with a CMS provider offers a full content management system for those who need it, and our free Moki Kiosk app can work as a lite CMS application. With all of these features and benefits, there’s no reason not to switch to digital signage today. 

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