What is the difference between ePOS and mPOS?

Mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) is a mobile payment device that serves the function of the traditional cash register or POS terminal used in businesses like retail brick-and-mortar stores, convenience stores, grocery stores, or restaurants. Often, this device is paired with additional POS hardware like a card reader, barcode scanner, printer, and cash drawer.

Historically, payments made for goods and services were accepted and accounted for at the cash register and then tracked and reported manually by bookkeepers. New payment technology has shifted and optimized this process, saving time and money for business owners.

mPOS refers to both the hardware and software components of these payment systems. The majority of mPOS solutions run on tablets like iPads or Android devices because of the reliability, security, low cost of ownership, and ease of use. They tend to be less bulky than the traditional PC-based POS systems of old and allow the device to move around the store if needed.

Electronic point-of-sale (ePOS) solutions are similar to mPOS solutions. ePOS devices tend to be larger, hard-wired Android devices that are permanently affixed to a table or countertop. Like mPOS solutions, these devices are typically paired with additional POS hardware like a card reader, barcode scanner, printer, and cash drawer. In addition to payment processing, these ePOS solutions can have additional software installed to manage business operations such as loyalty reward programs, staffing and inventory management, and employee time clock management. Also, ePOS software can be more sophisticated and provide a full quantitative analysis of your business, allowing you to make fully informed decisions to optimize efficiency and growth.

Whether you decide to deploy ePOS or mPOS Android or iOS devices, Moki provides robust solutions that allow you to secure and manage your devices at any scale. 

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