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Enrolling and Configuring Agent on Samsung Devices

Enrolling and Configuring Agent on Samsung Devices 

Step 1: Download Agent and Enroll

  1. Open a web browser such as Chrome or the native Android Browser. 
  2. Once it is open, type one of the following URLs in the address bar (note: links are case sensitive and please ensure that you are installing the correct build for your device):

    Samsung – Android 9+ –
    Samsung – Samsung Knox Version 2.7+ (running Android 6 to Android 8) –
    Samsung – Samsung Knox Version <2.7-
  3. A security prompt will appear towards the bottom of the screen. Select “OK” to start to download. 
  5. Now, take your index finger and drag it from the top of the device to the bottom, in a downward action. This will allow you to access the taskbar. Select “Agent” from the list of items. 
  7. You can also access this from the “My Files” app. Select “Device Storage” and look for Agent. Select it to open it. 
  9. You will then be prompted to install Agent. Select “Next” and then “Install”.
  11. Agent will now install. 
  13. You will then get a confirmation that it has installed successfully. Click “OPEN”.
  15. Two prompts will now appear, Device Administrator and ELM Agent. These prompts must be configured correctly or Agent will not work properly.
  16. The first one is Device Administrator. Make sure you select “ACTIVATE”. 
  18. The second one is ELM Agent. Click the box to accept the terms and conditions and select “Confirm”.
  20. Now, login to and click on the “Enroll” tab. Click the “+” to create a new template or you can use an existing code. Type the seven digit code on your device and select “Submit”. 
  22. Agent will then enroll. 
  24. Done! Your device is now enrolled and ready to be managed. Please refer to the full Moki Documentation at for more details on how to install profiles, use device groups, etc. 

Step 2: Configure Samsung Device Settings (not required) 

  1.  Before we enroll the device in Moki, we need to configure a few device settings. If this device is brand new, please go through the initial prompts and connect the device to a valid Wi-Fi network. Once that is done, open the Android device settings.
  3. Once “Settings” is opened, find and select “Display”. Turn the display brightness all the way up and toggle off “Auto”. Also, set “Screen timeout” to “30 minutes of activity”. (Note: some Samsung devices will have four tabs along the top of the settings menu. You may need to select the “Device” tab and then select “Display” for this step).
  5. Next, go to “Applications”, select “Application Manager”, and then scroll over to the “All” apps section (Note: on some Samsung devices, this will just be called “Application Manager). 
  6. Scroll down until you find an app called “Google Search” or “Google App”. 
  8. Now, disable this app by selecting “Disable”. Then select “OK” to confirm. This will remove the ability to long press the home button and access the device’s settings menu when the device is locked down. 
  10. Next, go to “Lock Screen and Security” and toggle “Unknown Sources” on. Confirm by selecting “OK” (Note: on some Samsung devices this will be under the “General” tab and then “Security”). 
  12. Lastly, go to “About Device” and find the “Build Number”. Select the “Build Number” several times to enable “Developer Options”. 
  14. Once Developer Options is accessible, select it. Finally, select “Stay Awake”. This prevents the device from sleeping when running in kiosk mode.
  16. There is one more thing to do before we enroll this device. Click the home button and open the app drawer. Look for an app called “Smart Manager” (Note: this app only comes with newer Samsung devices and there is a high likelihood that your device does not have this app installed. If you have it, continue following the guide. If not, skip to Step 2).
  18. Open the “Smart Manager” App. Once it is open, select the battery icon. 
  20. Now, select the “Detail” icon in the middle of the page. 
  22. Toggle the App optimization to off. App Optimization is an app that will disable Agent after three days of non-use. This is an issue because it will kill all Agent actions and connectivity. You are done and ready to enroll your device in Moki. Click the home button to return to the desktop.

Troubleshooting Agent Issues

Verify that the Samsung Admin is activated. 

  1. Open Agent on the device. 
  2. Look under the “Support Information” section for “Available Permissions”. 
  3. Confirm that it says “Samsung Admin” (if it says “None”, Agent will not function properly. Move to next step to fix). 

How to activate Samsung Admin:

  1. Find and open the “Settings” app on the device. 
  2. Scroll down to “Security” or “Device Security” or Lock Screen and Security”. 
  3. Select “Other security settings” or “Device Administrators”. 
  4. If you selected “Other security settings”, now select “Device Administrators”. 
  5.  Confirm that “Moki Total Control” is toggled on. If it is not turned on, toggle to the on position. 
  6. If this does not solve the issues that you are having, you may consider factory resetting the device and trying again. 

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