We’re Fans of PayAnywhere StoreFront


Earlier this week we announced how our product, Launcher, is enabling North American Bancard (NAB) to deliver it’s new mobile payment platform, PayAnywhere Storefront, on custom-built in-store kiosks. This is a very exciting partnership for us. NAB is a great company to work with and we think that what they are doing with StoreFront is a prime example of how mobile technology and hardware are creating game-changing products and experiences.

Outside of the fact that it’s deployed using mobile technology (which we obviously love), let’s take a look at three elements of StoreFront that make us such big fans:

  1. Ease of use. Out-of-the-box, StoreFront comes with the PayAnywhere app on the device and the card reader built-in. All a business owner needs to do is open the box, add inventory to the app and they’re off.
  2. Cost. The tablet kiosk is free to the business and comes with a simple pricing model: 1.69% per swipe – even on American Express. You can’t beat that cost.
  3. User experience. Let’s just be honest: everything is better with touchscreen technology (have you watch kids play games on a tablet?). Accepting a payment, sending a receipt and tracking inventory and purchase history is slick and easy, yet robust, with the PayAnywhere app. And if you’ve got people in the field, the interface and experience can extend to the devices they are using on the road because those devices are using the same app. Amazing.

The bottom line is this: StoreFront takes a key business function like accepting payments and makes it far more accessible, user-friendly and cost efficient for businesses.

And that’s the beauty of integrating mobile solutions into a business strategy: the right vision, combined with innovation and collaboration can make key business functions more accessible, user-friendly and cost efficient using mobile devices and apps.

Well done, North American Bancard. Well done.

Thank you for letting us be a part of this great solution.


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