Fat Wallets Be Gone! FavoriteEats Runs Loyalty Program with Cloud-Based iPad Management from MokiMobility

+MDM by MokiMobility Locks Down iPads as Managed Single-Purpose Devices for Use in Restaurants and Fast-Food Chains
LEHI, Utah, June 11, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Traditional restaurant loyalty cards are being replaced by iPads, thanks to a new partnership between FavoriteEats and MokiMobility, a cloud-based mobile device management platform specializing in singe-purpose iOS and Android devices. MokiMobility today announced that it is working with FavoriteEats to lock down and otherwise manage iPads they install in restaurant locations to be used exclusively as customer-facing loyalty kiosks. This eliminates the need to carry paper or plastic cards and provides restaurant owners with a whole host of benefits, including advanced data and marketing capabilities.

FavoriteEats, currently in closed beta, has installed iPads at numerous restaurant locations, including Galdolfo’s Deli.  By using the iPad-based loyalty program, restaurants can offer their customers a completely digital loyalty program. Instead of being given a loyalty card to carry, customers can join in seconds by entering their phone number on the FavoriteEats iPad. Each subsequent visit, customers enter their phone number to receive credit for their purchase and work towards the custom reward determined by each restaurant.

“Loyalty programs can be an effective way for restaurants to drive repeat business, but traditional card-based loyalty programs have always been limited,” said Glen Womble, founder and CEO, FavoriteEats. “While online merchants have rich demographic and usage data for their customers, intelligent retargeting capabilities, and closed-loop analytics to inform their marketing decisions, restaurants don’t have anything that even comes close. Our goal in creating the FavoriteEats loyalty program is to provide restaurants with these same powerful tools, while also providing their customers with a more enjoyable loyalty experience.”

Womble added: “The integration of MokiMobility’s +MDM platform is essential to our business, especially as we look to scale. It locks down each device so it can only be used for FavoriteEats and more importantly, enables us to remotely manage each device. We can configure WiFi settings, lock the home button, push updates of our app, and much more. Managing all of our devices was a nightmare before +MDM.”

According to Tad Tidwell of Gandolfo’s Deli, FavoriteEats kiosk and loyalty program have not only given his restaurants a cutting-edge, modern feel, but have also provided him with advanced data and marketing capabilities. “Our customers love having a loyalty program that doesn’t require them to carry a card in their wallet,” Tidwell said. “After switching to FavoriteEats just two months ago, we have seen the participation rate in our loyalty program jump by more than 250 percent. Not only that, but our marketing database has more than doubled because it is so easy for my customers to join, and with FavoriteEats I actually have an effective way to market to them.”

More on MokiMobility +MDM

MokiMobility provides the APIs and the web-based console to enable remote management of iPad and Android applications and devices. Because of the multi-tenant, cloud-based architecture provided by MokiMobility, app developers such as FavoriteEats are able to service customers with as few as 2 devices up to tens of thousands.

“Loyalty programs such as FavoriteEats are a perfect example of how iPads and other tablets can be used as single-purpose devices within restaurants, hotels or even retail locations in a local mall,” said Tom Karren, CEO, MokiMobility. “Being able to lock down and manage these devices from a remote location makes these devices even more attractive for the businesses, especially if it has multiple locations that would make installing and updating the devices individually an exhaustive – and expensive – chore.”

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Based in Lehi, Utah, MokiMobility enables independent software vendors, developers and solution providers to build compelling solutions that include cloud-based mobile application and device management for the iPad and Android devices. As a result, developers have greater control over the complete experience, enabling more engaging and new customer experiences leveraging iOS and Android tablets in new ways. For more information, please visit Moki.com or follow us on Twitter at @mokimobility


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