Stay Updated on Your Devices With Custom Alerts

When it comes to mobile device management for businesses, one of the most important features is the ability to set Custom Alerts. These alerts allow businesses to configure notifications that meet their specific needs and requirements. In this blog post, we will be discussing how Custom Alerts work, and how you can set them up for your company’s Android and IOS devices. 

Configuring Custom Alerts

Custom Alerts are triggered by events, misues, or no activity. You can set a custom alert for when apps are installed or uninstalled on a device. Need to always know where your devices are? Set up an alert for when a device is removed from a specific location or when a device loses connection. . 

Our Custom Alerts provide customers with real-time notifications for pertinent information or potential issues on their devices. These alerts can be created for anything the customer wants. As long as they can send the necessary information or data using Moki’s SDK in their app. In fact, there are hundreds of Custom Alert options! There is endless customization for alerts! Our team works hard to ensure that you can be alerted on anything that assists in the management of your devices. Custom Alerts are configured under the Alerts tab in Moki for Android Enterprise, Android Agent, and iOS. These alerts can be sent via text message, email, or even to a URL.

How Our Customers Leverage this Feature

Some common alert examples that our customers are using include: low battery, lost internet connection, new device enrolled, device rebooted, device location moved, etc.

Example 1: If the customer devices are all plugged in and a device is showing a battery level that is dropping, they know there is an issue with charging before the device actually runs out of power. 

Example 2: Another example is users can be alerted if their device has lost internet connection and can address it before it causes major problems.

Let Moki Do the Hard Work

 Any alerts selected by your team during the setup process will be preset. So that we can start you off with the desired configuration right at the beginning. This allows you to focus your efforts elsewhere. Throughout our partnership they can continue to be adjusted so that they always work for your team. To learn more about Custom Alerts or other Moki features, talk to our team.  


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