How Self-Service Kiosks Help Achieve ROI

The way businesses interact and engage with their customers in-store has changed drastically over the years. Mobile devices like iPads and tablets have made it possible for businesses to deliver unique customer experiences at a fraction of the cost and time. 


Today, we see companies utilizing self-service tools like kiosks to deliver immersive and consistent end-user experiences. Self-service kiosks are user-friendly, highly visible, insightful, and perfect for achieving ROI.


Boost Business Profits

Did you know that self-service kiosks boost consumer spending by 30%?


Customers want to be able to touch, feel, and try on products in-store and have the same options available to them online. Digital self-service kiosks allow customers to browse online inventory and order items creating an “endless aisle” experience. When you make the buyer journey as straightforward as possible and easy to customize, customers are more likely to engage further with your products or services and ultimately boost your business profits.

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Optimize Operations

Long lines are bad for business, and if you’re unable to serve everyone within a reasonable timeframe, your business’s bottom line could be negatively impacted. Some businesses report that they lose up to 75% of their customers due to waiting time.


When utilizing intuitive self-service kiosks, you can double the number of orders/requests that are placed without having to increase the number of staff you employ. Self-service kiosks boost the efficiency of every order and streamline many aspects of the shopping experience.

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Create Consistency

Digital kiosks provide exciting new opportunities for your business to engage with customers on a more consistent basis. Consumers are becoming more comfortable with technology being around them every day, and self-service kiosks help create a catered and consistent experience for your customers. 

Digital kiosks can help your business avoid the pitfalls of bottlenecks caused by inconsistencies in the customer experience like technical and human errors. Digital kiosk communication reduces errors and ensures a seamless flow of information and communication.

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Moki Locked Devices Deliver Immersive Self-Service Experiences

Are you looking to reap all of the benefits of self-service kiosks without having to invest thousands of dollars into customized and complex kiosk devices?


Moki can help you turn consumer tablets into purpose-built, robust kiosks. With Moki you can reduce IT administration costs, remotely manage your device fleet, gain valuable audience insights, and increase security.


Moki’s Kiosk Mode feature allows you to lock down devices to specific URLs and apps to create consistent and immersive end-user experiences. 


  • Moki Total Control makes it possible to manage, update, and change several or even thousands of devices remotely. 

  • Moki’s device groups and tagging features allow you to segment your devices based on location, region, the content displayed, and more.

  • When your tablets are fully locked down, you can rest assured that customers and employees are only accessing what you want them to.

  • Moki also includes reporting software that can track how long users interact with your device and with which conten


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