How Has the Tablet Phenomenon Changed Marketing?

Tablets have created a world of digital omnivores, mobile-savvy consumers who understand that the information they want and need can be at their fingertips in an instant. And that creates the kind of consumer expectations that can be more than just a gauntlet thrown down—it’s an opportunity ripe for leveraging.

When a consumer’s expectations for digital media marketing, immediate access to information and more are met, their barriers to purchase are lowered, their loyalty boosted, and customer satisfaction increases. And that makes you top-of-mind, increasing the likelihood that they’ll keep coming back for more.

Users who are comfortable with tablets, and who own them at home, are the kinds of users who you’ll capture with an attractive and conspicuous tablet kiosk solution. From POS to digital signage, these are the customers who will feel the most comfortable tapping and swiping away. And luckily for you, they also represent the market that has the most disposable income (and the least price sensitivity), deliver higher conversion rates than mobile, and consistently show higher average order values.

Companies who intend to leverage this kind of tablet interest and affinity need to change their marketing strategies, however. The sun is starting to set on static content and ordinary display advertising.

Optimized Design

Tablet screens offer both design challenges and drawbacks. The beautiful resolution and hands-on nature of the tablet mean that designers can create stunning interactive graphics. The size, however, requires careful optimization of fonts as well as thoughtful interface decisions. Dropdown menus are difficult to use on tablets. Links too close together are hard to click on accurately—in fact, any elements that are too snugly placed will create difficulty in selecting them. It’s often called the “fat finger syndrome.”

Flash is also difficult to use well on an interactive tablet app. It can create beautiful motion graphics, but interacting with Flash websites can be a pain, difficult to navigate through and select elements properly.

Information Capture

Tablet kiosks can be an ideal way to offer low-barrier loyalty program sign-ups, capture volunteered information, and encourage consumers to sign up for newsletters and other marketing tools. Make sure data entry is kept to a minimum however, in order to prevent the user from abandoning the sign-up in mid-tap. Keep forms short and offer shortcuts like zipcode lookup tools, etc.

Branded App Opportunities

Your target kiosk solution is essentially a branded app; offering a smooth, sexy experience at your location encourages your customers to take that experience home with them, on their own mobile device or tablet. Ensure that your kiosk offers the kind of information your customer wants, along with bonus content and material such as sales, deals, and other interest-garnering marketing opportunities.

Remember that the best kiosks—and thus the best apps—go beyond advertising and marketing. They provide real use.

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