iOS: How to Renew Your APNs Certificate

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Thirty days before your APNs certificate expires you will get an email from Apple telling you that your certificate is going to expire. If this certificate is not updated before the expiration date all your iOS devices enrolled in Moki will need to be manually re-enrolled in Moki because Apple will not recognize the expired certification.

The following steps will help you update that certificate within Moki.

    1. Log into Moki ( using the Google Chrome web browser
    2. Click the drop down arrow next to your account name in the upper right hand corner

    1. Select Account Settings and it will take you to the Security Settings APNs Setup menu 
    2. Click the gray Download button on step 1

    1. Click the link in step 2 – you will need to log in with your apple account at

  1. Click the Renew button next to the certificate

  2. Agree to the terms and hit Accept
  3. Select Choose File and select the file you just downloaded from Moki and hit Upload
  4. Select the Download button next to the certificate that you just created, it is blue

  5. Go back to Moki (
  6. Select the Upload New button on step 4 and upload the certificate you just downloaded from Apple


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