How to Scale Digital Signage for Your Business

Restaurant menus, billboards, and mall maps are just a few examples of the digital signage that is around every corner you look. Digital signage allows for more efficient and smoother interaction between the consumer and the business. 


Whether you want to modernize your business by employing digital signage for the first time or simply want to increase your business’ fleet of devices, Moki is a mobile device management software that provides ultimate ease and control.


Easy Management of a Mix of Media Players

Keeping track of your media across various platforms and devices can cause a headache, but Moki makes it easy. Moki recently announced a partnership with Carousel Digital Signage to enable ease of access across multiple media players systems and the ability to quickly scale your digital signage.


Even if you have a variety of media players, such as Android, iOS, and BrightSign, Moki’s cloud-based MDM (Mobile Device Management) will allow you to control them all from a single platform. You’ll no longer have to deal with the stress of logging in and out and working across different device management interfaces.


Total Control of Devices

Device security can be a source of worry when dealing with digital signage. Moki relieves this stress by adding the capability to lock devices to a single app. If you only want your users to be able to see a certain video on loop, you can use Moki to lockdown an android tablet for business or lock an iPad to one app, and they will not be able to access any other apps or media. 


Because Moki is made to set locks and profiles on your devices, you will still be able to use the CMS (Control Management Software) of your choice alongside Moki’s cloud-based MDM for additional control.


Stay Informed on Device Health

Technology is notorious for having unexpected issues. But there is no need to fear that one of your devices will stop working without your knowledge when you are using Moki. 


Moki’s cloud MDM will instantly alert you when problems or errors crop up with any of your devices. Better yet, Moki will allow you to view and screenshot the content to enable you to fix the problem from afar. Device updates occur whenever you deem most convenient.


Corporate, healthcare, education, hospitality, retail, and more industries are using Moki for their digital signage solution. If you want to learn more about Moki cloud-based MDM and how to scale your business’ digital MDM signage, schedule a demo today!



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