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Scheduling app actions requires that you are running an app that meets the following requirements

  1. Be using MokiTouch 2 or another app that has the MokiManageSDK embedded
  2. There must already have been a settings template created in order to send settings. For help in creating a settings template see the article Creating and Using Templates.
  3. To change settings on specific devices instead of all devices you must have a tag on them which is associated with an Action Group. (See these articles on How to Tag Devices and How to Create an Action Group)

Steps to schedule app actions

      1. In Manager, click Change App in the top left and select the app you want to schedule the settings change for

      1. Click the Actions tab

      1. Click the All Devices label or your desired Action Group (see how to Create an Action Group)

    1. Click the Add New Sequence button and give it a name

    1. Give the sequence a name and fill in the time, time zone and frequency of for the action sequence

  1. Click the Add New Action button and from the drop down menu on the left, select the action you want to perform. For applying settings, select the Saved Settings you have created

    • Available actions include:
      • Apply Settings – Apply a Saved Setting or Template that you have created
      • Get Device Location – Get the location of the device
      • Get Logs – Retrieve the last logs captured on the device
      • Take Screenshot – Take a screenshot of the device’s screen
  2. Click Save 
  3. These actions can also be edited by clicking the Edit button next to the Action Sequence. They can also be turned Off or Deleted


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