How To Use An Apple TV For Digital Signage

Apple TV For Digital Signage

On September 9, 2015, Apple announced the 4th generation Apple TV. The 4th generation model used a brand new operating system called tvOS. One of the defining features of this new 4th generation Apple TV was the release of the Apple TV App Store. For the first time on an Apple TV, customers would be allowed to download third-party apps for video, audio, games, or other content. This finally allowed Apple TVs to become a reliable and affordable solution as a digital signage device.

When planning out and scoping any digital signage project, several questions come to mind. Questions like, how can I manage my Apple TVs once they are deployed to ensure that they are locked down and displaying the content that I want to be displayed? Or which CMS (content management solution) should I use to view my content? Answering these critical questions are very important and could mean the difference between a successful or failed deployment of your digital signage project.

Moki Mobile Device Management (MDM)

This is where Moki comes in. Moki’s MDM (mobile device management) solution fully supports all of Apple’s mobile operating system MDM APIs. This includes iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS. This also means that by using Moki, you can easily manage all of your devices from an easy to use cloud-based platform.

Here are all of the benefits that Moki provides when it comes to managing your Apple TVs.

App Lock

This Moki MDM feature is a crucial feature for securing your Apple TVs and locking them down to a single application. End-users won’t be able to install applications on the device or use the device for anything else than what you intended. This feature also fixes the problem of what happens if Apple TV loses power or installs a software update and reboots. As soon as the Apple TV turns back on, it will auto-launch your CMS application.

DEP and VPP (Device Enrollment Program and Volume Purchase Program)

For companies who plan on deploying large numbers of Apple TVs, using Moki and Apple’s DEP and VPP programs will allow you to deploy your devices without needing to touch them (zero-touch deployment). After you enroll your Apple TVs into your DEP account, you won’t have to image or configure the devices manually. An Apple TV will go from unboxing to downloading its configuration profiles, installing applications, and settings, to launching its CMS applications in no time. As an FYI, DEP is also called Apple Business Manager.

Alerts and Ongoing Device Management

In addition to making your deployment quick and easy and locking your devices down to a single application, Moki makes it easy to create proactive alerts and maintain the general health and well being of your devices once they are deployed. From the Moki console, you can update applications, make changes to your profiles, create alerts to proactively notify you if issues arise, and much more. Moki has made it easy for you to manage all of your devices quickly and easily, at any scale.

Content Management or Digital Signage Applications


Kitcast allows managing any digital signage content with a few clicks. You can create playlists, and schedule changes to apply to multiple locations and collaborators. Kitcast can also handle the custom development of your digital signage infrastructure to dedicated project management.

In addition, Kitcast is a cloud-based solution, and it is very easy to use. You can upload your own custom content or use the Kitcast editor to create everything you need. You can display photos, videos, menus, social media updates, and much more. Kitcast also supports Apple TV’s MDM APIs, and you can easily distribute the Kitcast tvOS app via VPP and automatically configure your Apple TVs.


Carousel is a digital signage content management software that allows you to quickly create, publish, and manage your content. Carousel offers a dedicated tvOS application that will enable you to display your content on your device simply and easily.


Sigmondo is an Apple TV application that can handle all of your digital signage needs. You can combine pictures, videos, text, and logos. You can display your content at your retail store, your lounge, lobby, or any other room where you want to attract attention. Sigmondo provides predefined stylish layouts with the date, clock, and weather information, or you can change the background to fit the needs of your business.


In conclusion, Apple has turned the Apple TV into a really attractive platform for digital signage. Their MDM APIs allow for easy deployment at any scale and for all types of organizations. The Apple TV hardware is reliable and inexpensive to deploy. At $149, the Apple TV is also quite affordable compared to other solutions. In addition, Apple, as well as third-party Apple resellers, often run promotions that can discount the Apple TV by more than 33%. At this price point, with Moki’s MDM solution, and with a high-quality CMS or digital signage application, businesses finally have an affordable and reliable alternative to the outdated Windows or Linux digital signage solutions of the past.

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