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What you can do with Tag Synching

How it would work 

  • Tag 1 label: NW Corner
  • Tag 1 meta: nw
  • Tag 2 label: NE Corner
  • Tag 2 meta: ne
  • Tag 3 label: SW Corner
  • Tag 3 meta: sw
  • Tag 4 label: SE Corner
  • Tag 4 meta: se
  • Tag 5 label: Food Court
  • Tag 5 meta: food
  • Tag 6 label: Shopping
  • Tag 6 meta: shop

Device implementation

  • Located in the NW Corner of the Foodcourt
  • Tags: NW Corner, Foodcourt
  • Header:Moki-Tag-Meta: nw,food
  • Located in the NE Corner of the Foodcourt
  • Tags: NE Corner, Foodcourt
  • Header: Moki-Tag-Meta: ne,food
  • Located in the SW Corner of Shopping
  • Tags: SW Corner, Shopping
  • Header: Moki-Tag-Meta: sw,shop
  • Located in the Se Corner of Shopping
  • Tags: Se Corner, Shopping
  • Header: Moki-Tag-Meta: se,shop

How to Create Tags with Metadata

You can add metadata to an existing tag or create a new tag. Follow these steps to get tags with metadata.

  • Click on the Tags tab
  • Hit the plus icon and add a tag or select an existing tag
  • On the right click on Tag Metadata and add your data and hit Enter


How to get Tag Syncing to Work

    • Apply the tag to the device (this can be done by going to the devices tab, selecting the device and adding the tag in the tag section on the right)



  • Go to MokiTouch 2 settings and turn on Tag Syncing in the first section


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