Introducing Mobile Fleet Management with MokiManage

We are pleased to announce the availability of a new feature inside of MokiManage that makes it easy to enroll and manage any size fleet of devices. Purposed devices require an enrollment and management process that is different than traditional device management. Many traditional BYOD providers have bulk enrollment features, which often involves uploading a spreadsheet of users who then get an email or SMS with an invitation to enroll their own device with the management platform. Since each personal device will end up being unique to the user, the rest of the configuration and setup is left up to the end user to manage. Bulk enrollment is designed to quickly get lots of devices under management and then let the device user customize the device through enterprise app stores and other configurations.

Purposed devices are different. Whether it’s a kiosk, mPOS or digital signage running on an iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, or any flavor of Android device, you can’t have end users enroll the devices. Purposed devices also don’t usually have email or SMS enabled, so you have to start the process in another way. MokiManage automates the enrollment of your fleet by letting you define the apps, profiles and tags that should be automatically applied to a device once it is enrolled with the platform. This makes it easy for you to know that your devices will be configured correctly every time. We even automate this process when you are using Configurator to prepare lots of iOS devices at once.

To enroll a device with MokiManage you simply generate an enrollment code from within MokiManage. You define the apps, profiles and tags to be assigned to the device. You are given a short code that you can use any number of times to enroll your devices. To enroll directly from the device, you visit and enter the enrollment shortcode. If you’re using Configurator, you download the profile and add it to Configurator during the Prepare or Supervise step.

Read more about Fleet Management.


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