The iPad in restaurants, taking orders and giving rewards

The iPad is disrupting many different industries and creating new use cases for innovative consumer technologies. I posted recently about using the iPad in retail, and the rise of the single-purpose device. Today we announce 2 new partnerships that extend the uses for the iPad into restaurants and fast food-iPad Point-of-Sale (POS) with OlympusPOS and an iPad Customer Loyalty App with FavoriteEats.

Both of these partnerships represent tremendous opportunity for restaurant owners to better serve their customers and increase their own revenues. Both companies have partnered with MokiMobility to integrate device management features into their solutions, thus providing a more complete iPad solution.



FavoritesEats is a customer loyalty system built as an iPad app. FavoriteEats is designed to be mounted in front of a restaurants register, during or after an order, a customer simply types in their phone number and the cashier enters the transaction amount. The customer is then presented with a summary of the total points they have earned and how near they are to a reward. This type of a solution is ideal for customers because they never need carry another paper or plastic loyalty card with them. For the restaurant owner, they get more complete information on their customer’s purchase habits and a more complete marketing list. One of the restaurants running FavoriteEats reports a 250% increase in their loyalty program participation and a doubling of their text marketing database. Check out FavoriteEats for more info.



OlympusPOS is a robust point-of-sale system for the iPad that integrates credit card swipe, receipt printing and cashdrawer functions into an easy-to-use app. Restaurant owners can have their entire menu and employee list entered and ready to start serving customers within 30 minutes via a cloud-based admin interface. Through this interface restaurant owners also have immediate access to all daily transactions and totals, completely eliminating the need for managers to compile daily sales and transaction reports.

Both companies have developed innovative apps that provide real value to restaurants and franchises, but they faced a problem we are seeing in many iPad deployments—remote iPad management. Whether they were setting up wifi or pushing an update, without MokiMobility both FavoriteEats and OlympusPOS were spending too much time on the phone with employees and restaurant owners. Now with MokiMobility they can remotely push updates to their apps, lock the home button and keep wifi settings up to date.

You can find both apps in many different restaurants. Have you seen them around yet?


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