iPad Mini unboxing: box to kiosk in 6 minutes

Today was iPad Mini day and we had a couple show up at our offices so we could play around with them. Below you will find a quick video walkthrough showing you what is required to take an iPad from the box to a fully secure and remotely managed kiosk in a matter of minutes.

A couple of things to note: in this walkthrough I used Apple Configurator and the new iOS 6 feature called App Lock. This is an extremely useful new feature with iOS 6, but can only be used when you deploy the iPads using Apple Configurator. Configurator helps in initial deployment, but remote management is still required for any serious iPad kiosk.

As you can see in the video, Configurator got us up and running, but applying App Lock and changing kiosk settings through MokiManage was really where the magic happens. Only with MokiManage can you remotely apply and remove the App Lock profile at will, locking the iPad into a single app when you need it and removing that lock when you don’t. On top of that, with MokiTouch you can quickly change the web and video content you display in your kiosk through any browser. Updating the home page, custom buttons, theme colors, screensaver and more can all be done in a single dashboard.

As for the iPad mini, it is a really beautiful device. It’s well built, feels great in your hand and is an excellent form factor for when you want an ultra-portable kiosk. We have had many clients ask us about a solution that employees can carry around easily, the iPad mini could certainly be that device.

What do you think of the iPad Mini as a locked down tablet kiosk?

PS: I used the BookArc iPad stand from Twelve South to hold both iPads during the video. It’s by far the most beautiful and functional desktop stand for the iPad I have seen yet.



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