Ken Hess of ZDNet “What’s better than MDM? MokiMobility MDM”

Ken Hess has a write-up about MokiMobility on his Consumerization of IT and BYOD blog at ZDNet. We had a great call with Ken prior to this article to give him a demo and to discuss our vision in-depth. Ken immediately picked up on one of the challenges we face in communicating the MokiMobility vision, separating ourselves from traditional MDM. This article makes a great case for the difference between our approach to MDM (enabling business solutions) and traditional MDM.

MokiMobility’s mobile device management (MDM) solution isn’t your father’s MDM. In fact, I’m hard-pressed to call it MDM at all. After watching a demo presented by MokiMobility’s President, Ty Allen and CMO, Brad Hintze, I told them that I think that we might need to come up with new language to describe what they are doing with tablet computers–specifically, the iPad. I’ve brainstormed a bit but can’t seem to develop terminology that fits, so maybe we’ll leave it up to their users and my readers to come up with some clever nomenclature. More…

We are thrilled by conversations with guys like Ken that understand the value of mobile device management applied to devices in new ways and see the future of devices in many new, non-personal ways. If you would like to see a demo for yourself, let us know.


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