Kiosk Failure: How do you know?

Interactive kiosks are everywhere. We use them almost daily. They are a mundane part of our routine, like paying for gas or getting cash out of the ATM. But, do you know what’s behind the curtain? Well, it’s Microsoft Windows. Yup, the same Windows that is rife with security holes and requires a mouse and keyboard to manipulate.

As we made our way back to Utah this summer, we stopped to fill up at a gas station in the thriving metropolis of Burley, Idaho. At the pump, I was greeted with this fantastic experience:

Gas Station Kiosk Fail - Pay at the Pump Windows CE Error

I particularly loved the Windows CE Networking error pop-up, which covered the screen as I tried to navigate through my fill-up. The whole time I was thinking… Moki could help make this all better. With Manager mobile operations tied to Android devices running Launcher, alerts could be fired and issues could be remedied remotely. None of that is possible with these clunky Windows machines. Do you think the clerk at the convenience store knows how to fix this or even knows who to call? Heck, I don’t even know where the PS/2 port is on a gas pump, but I’ll take a hard look the next time I fill up.

With Moki, these single-purpose devices are transitioning to mobile and managing them just got a whole lot easier.



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