MakeDroidDance – Lots of dancing at GoogleIO

This morning we are GoogleIO dancing with those waiting to enter the keynote. If you are here with us, go to and request some dance moves from our little Android dancer. If you are enjoying the GoogleIO festivities elsewhere, check out the clips we have posted on to get an idea for what we are doing.

So why are we doing this? Well, that’s a fair question. Earlier today we announced the availability of MokiTouch, an Android kiosk app with remote management. Built on our +MDM platform, this app shows the single-purpose solutions you can build when you integrate remote management for the app and the device.

Enjoy the remote management of our dancing Android and check out our +MDM platform and MokiTouch for managing real Android and iOS devices.


See Moki in Action

Request a Demo today with by phone, email, or just fill out the form

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