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Businesses have become increasingly reliant on mobile devices to facilitate a wide variety of tasks and processes. With a workforce that is more disparate, often spanning a number of locations, managing these devices presents a difficult challenge. Securing these devices and the critical data they house can be even more problematic. Modern Mobile Device Management (MDM) platforms deliver easy management of your mobile devices while securing critical data and allowing employees to remain flexible and agile.  

One Platform – A Slew of Benefits

With the right MDM solution, you can manage all your mobile devices from one, easy-to-use platform. A single control center accelerates deployment, secures devices, and monitors device health in real-time. As you evaluate the options for managing your mobile devices, look for a single platform able to perform the following functions to ensure it can manage your current device fleet and grow with it in the future:

  • Works with Android, iOS, and BrightSign devices
  • Manages just a few mobile devices or tens of thousands of devices
  • Provides vital details of each mobile device, such as application versions, device identifiers, network status, device location and more
  • Performs critical device functions such as modifying settings, rebooting when needed, updating firmware, and locking devices to allow just one or more applications to be used
  • Shows devices on a map to pinpoint their location

The Moki solution provides a centralized control system to administer your fleet of devices. Experience simple, time-saving device management with Moki Total Control.

Moki Total Control

​​Whether you’re looking to manage an interactive kiosk, POS station, or display content on digital signage, controlling your device fleet from one platform reduces complexity and cost. Eliminate the need to be physically present at each device to perform application updates, monitor device health, or troubleshoot issues. Instead, the Moki MDM system simplifies device management with its Total Control dashboard, providing crystal clear device viewing across all platforms, including Android, iOS, and Brightsign. Flexible and easy to use, the Moki solution allows you to manage individual devices, groups, or all your devices at one time. 

Finding the device you need to manage is quick and simple with the search option in Moki’s Total Control dashboard. Locate a unit by entering the device name, serial number, or MAC address. Need to know where your device is physically located? Moki can also pinpoint device locations on a geographic map. 

Moki offers easy customization by allowing you to embed their SDK into your iOS or Android applications. Gain control over device settings and create custom alerts based on events or other data points, including low battery and application crashes. Receive alerts via text message, email, or via an exported JSON file sent to an alert URL. With Moki’s APIs, you can automatically push updates and perform actions on any of your devices.

All the MDM Benefits Without the Hassle

Juggling multiple devices for your organization doesn’t need to be difficult, time consuming, or costly. Moki’s MDM solution is designed to turn complex, tedious device administration into straightforward, easy to manage processes. A single, robust platform, Moki helps you focus on the message you need to communicate or the process you aim to simplify, rather than cumbersome management tasks.

If you’re looking to simplify your device management, need a cloud solution, or have been working with a complex system that is weighing down your budget, contact the industry experts at Moki. With the MDM system that delivers features you need to streamline workloads, your business or organization is just a few short steps away from increased productivity. To read more about this benefit and others, download our whitepaper. 





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