MDM Trends in 2019

Changing Technology

It’s no secret that technology is continuously changing. Sometimes it seems like the moment you update an app or the OS of your phone, there is a new update available. Couple that with the continual threat to security on mobile devices and you run a real risk of not only being up to date but open to cyber-attacks. With these rapid changes, businesses need to be prepared to adapt to the landscape quickly. But how?

According to Abhishek Sawant from Market Research Future, mobile device management (MDM) is a great start. “The development of IT departments and increased level of money at their disposal has augmented the progress of the mobile device management market. The escalating level of productivity demanded from employees and enterprises is anticipated to further fuel the progress of the mobile device management market.”

He goes on to suggest that significant cutbacks in administrative finances, coupled with the advent of new technology, have the MDM space primed for growth. More and more, managers and executives find themselves looking for efficient ways to automate the operational, and MDM is an excellent way to do that.

Employee Expectations

Another undeniable trend is the growing expectation of mobile capability from employees, especially with the continued influx of Millennials entering the workforce. Many entering the workforce today have a mobile-first mindset and look to their employers to have the tools to accommodate. It is clear that businesses need to adapt to this mentality in order to remain relevant. According to the technology journalist Charles Cooper, “The mainstreaming of the anytime business culture should be incentive enough for organizations to integrate mobile device security into their overall cybersecurity strategy.” With this desire for employees to work remotely comes the need to protect the company regardless of if the device is company-owned or not.

MDM Outlook

So, what’s the outlook for Mobile Device Management? Steven Lerner from the Enterprise Mobility Exchange suggests that although Mobile Device Management (MDM) has experienced a slow adoption rate as yet (in an August 2018 poll, only 11% of enterprises confirmed adoption of an MDM solution), it is expected to experience tremendous growth in the near future with 40% of companies from the same poll saying they plan to explore an MDM solution in the future. He said, “Leveraging MDM seems like a logical conclusion. The technology can help enterprises manage and secure devices while achieving long-term cost savings. It can also decrease mobile-related service requests and improve employee satisfaction.”

It’s clear that MDM is here to stay, and experts seem to say that companies that don’t get on the bandwagon sooner rather than later will likely face an uphill battle when it comes time to make the transition. The writing is on the wall. Don’t get left behind. 

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