Moki 2023 Wrap-Up: New Updates, Features, & Plans for 2024

As we wrap up another successful year at Moki, we take pride in our strides in serving our customers and partners. Our team has been dedicated to providing cutting-edge updates and features that add value to our customers and better serve their Mobile Device Management (MDM) needs. Let’s look at some of the updates and features we have rolled out this year, as well as our plans for the exciting things to come in 2024.

2023 Features and Updates

Exciting features and updates include introducing our Policy Non-Compliance Filters for Android Enterprise, enabling admins to quickly identify any devices that do not comply with company policies and take corrective action.

Another feature we added this year is the Bulk Updates of the Policy App Update Mode setting. This feature allows administrators to edit the settings across all policies simultaneously for Android Enterprise. This capability enables admins to update their policies, quickly saving time and increasing efficiency.

We also added filtering options for Android Agent’s Devices tab, Reports, and Device Groups. Users can now choose between AND or OR filtering options, allowing them to add more specific filters for device management. These updates have simplified MDM while giving admins more control and flexibility in managing their devices.

Looking Forward to 2024

As we continue to work with our existing partners and customers, we are excited to grow new partnerships in 2024. We have been able to do just that by attending events such as the VARTECH Conference. This has enabled us to expand our reach and showcase our innovative updates and features to a more extensive network. 

We’re also excited to announce that there will be new product additions to Moki in 2024. We understand that businesses need the latest technology to stay ahead, and we are committed to delivering that technology. We are also exploring different promotions to kick off the new year. One offer we are considering is a first-month free promotion for new customers to provide even more value to their experience with Moki.

Moki: Continuing Excellence in MDM for 2024 and Beyond

Our team at Moki is thrilled with the advancements we made in 2023, and we look forward to delivering even more powerful tools and solutions to our customers in 2024. We wouldn’t be where we are today without the unwavering support of our loyal customers and partners. 


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