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Reports for Android

Reports (Beta) is a new feature on the Android management dashboard that enables you to create and save reports that show the current state of your devices. You can build a report and create snapshots based on the saved report that can be executed later to get the most up to date state of your devices. 

Build a report

reports beta button

  1. Click the Reports tab on the top of the Moki dashboard
  2. Click on the + sign to create a new report
  3. Type in a name to assign to your report
  4. Apply any Filter to select the criteria of the devices that you want to include in your report. The different categories you can choose from are: Alerts, Custom Data, Enrolled Apps, Managed Apps, Exclude Devices, Profiles, Status, Tags and Device Groups               My First Report section
  5. From the box on the left, select the columns (drag and drop) of the information you want to pull out from every device that matches your previous search criteria (filters) search criteria columns
  6. Finally, you can Save your report or check the box “Run this report after saving” if you want to run it immediately.

Run a report

Once your report is saved, you can select it and hit the “Run Now” button to execute it. You will see that a new snapshot will be added and its first status will be “Processing”

My First Report

You can click on the refresh icon ”  refresh icon ” and monitor the progress of the execution until the reports has finished, then you will see its status changing to “Completed”.

My First Report

To download your newly created report to your computer click the arrow  download   and select a location to save the .csv file

Import the .csv file into a spreadsheet program to access the data included in the report.

Delete a report or snapshot

You can delete a single snapshot or the entire report just by pressing the trash icon that corresponds to the item you want to delete.

trash button

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