Moki Agent for Android

Total Control For Android Devices

Moki’s Android Agent (device admin) solution enables companies to secure, monitor, and remotely manage their company-owned, dedicated Android devices, and supports hundreds of devices from hundreds of Android device manufacturers.

Limitless Access With Unbeatable

Moki’s Android Agent solution allows for consumer-grade and commercial-grade Android devices to become purpose-built devices that can perform a variety of tasks. Some of these include:

Device Capabilities

Managing very granular or specific Android device settings.

Granting or denying application permissions.

Managing OEM Android devices that do not have the Google Play Store installed (non-Google certified devices).

Remote controlling devices without end-user interaction.

Taking screenshots of devices without end-user interaction.

Installing apps, settings profiles, etc. without end-user interaction.

Pulling and sending files from/to devices.

Running custom scripts on devices.

Performing firmware or OS updates to devices or attached peripherals.

Locking down devices to multiple or single applications, true app lock without launcher application

Controlling settings that Android Enterprise does not allow control over.

Managing, controlling, and configuring Samsung devices via Samsung Knox APIs.

Device Admin VS. Android Enterprise

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