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Customers frequently ask how much data consumption they can expect from their Moki managed device. While data consumption can very wildly based on your specific configuration here is an study of a single Android device running Moki Manage Android and Moki Touch 2. Moki Touch 2 was set to reset to the home page every 3 minutes and Moki Manage Android was set to check hourly. The device had no interactions from users so this just records the base data used for each heartbeat. Here is a snapshot of the data consumption in 2 hours: As you can see the device uses about 900KB per hour. This trend holds true for a 24 hour span as well: Moki services will account for a base data consumption of approximately 22MB per day. If you happen to notice large data consumption on a cell connected device be sure to check the following:
  • How frequently is Moki Manage Android set to heartbeat? By default this is set to every 60 minutes. To check this setting go to Moki Manage Android in your Moki Total Control admin console, then go to settings and there you will see the heartbeat. You can change this value to cause fewer heartbeats in the day.
  • How much is your device used? With Moki Total Control you will soon be able to get device session statistics which will give you an idea if your device is in frequent use.
  • What kind of content are you presenting via Moki Touch? Is your content media rich or is your web server possibly not setting cache properly?
  • What data interactions does my custom app contain?
These questions can help you narrow down unexpected data overages with your devices.

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