Moki Cares: San Antonio Food Bank


What is the San Antonio Food Bank?

The San Antonio Food Bank was founded in 1980 as the first food bank in Texas.  It serves 16 counties in Southwest Texas.  Their focus is, “for clients to have food for today but to also have the resources to be self-sufficient in the future.”  The San Antonio Food Bank serves 58,000 food insecure individuals each week. 

The San Antonio Food Bank supports Food for Today, Food for Tomorrow, and Food for a Lifetime. Food for Today is supported by collecting and distributing food donations to those in need in Southwest Texas. They grow food at both their Urban Farm, as well as their Mission San Juan Farm to support Food for Tomorrow. Via their job assistance programs, including a culinary training program, they support Food for a Lifetime.  The San Antonio Food Bank not only works to fight hunger, but also has a variety of other programs available that help educate and serve.

Moki Cares

This week Moki employees had the opportunity to volunteer at the San Antonio Food Bank.  They worked in the warehouse helping to sort donated foods for easy distribution.  Some of the food they helped sort was specifically going to be used for emergency meal kits for those affected by natural disasters, and other food was going to some of the other 530 nonprofits that the San Antonio Food Bank helps support with food donations.  Moki employees assisted in sorting 8,646 total lbs of food.  This will provide 6,916 meals.  At Moki, we are proud to support the San Antonio Food Bank in, “Fighting Hunger…Feeding Hope!”

How to Help

If you are interested in supporting the San Antonio Food Bank, there are several ways you can help.  They offer many opportunities to volunteer your time, including Sorting and Packing at the Warehouse, Working in a Community Kitchen, and Working on one of the Farms.  Outside of giving your time, you can also support the San Antonio Food Bank by donating food, money, and your voice.  See all the ways you can help, here. 


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