Moki Cares: The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army began in the mid-1800s, by William Booth in London, England. By 1880 the Salvation Army had expanded to the United States, and began its service in San Antonio in 1889. Since then, the Salvation Army of San Antonio has served the community, “through eliminating food insecurity and offering shelter for men, women, and families requiring emergency housing resulting from difficult life circumstances or natural disasters.”

The Salvation Army accomplishes its goal through a number of different means. They support Seniors via their Corps Community Centers around the state. For Seniors, they offer a number of different activities, residential facilities, and have a program to visit Seniors in the hospital or nursing homes. Veterans can also receive assistance through the Salvation Army Veteran Homeless Prevention Program. The Salvation Army of Texas Adult Rehabilitation Centers provide spiritual, social, and emotional assistance. The Salvation Army Correctional Services even aids those incarcerated, or those in transition from prison to the community.

One of the biggest services The Salvation Army provides is housing assistance through several different programs. They offer Emergency Housing, Transitional Housing, and Permanent Supportive Housing for individuals and families. They also help fight hunger by providing groceries to get those in need through the week, and offer hot meals as well. On top of helping people everyday with the different challenges of life, The Salvation Army also provides Disaster Services. They are prepared to respond to fires, flooding, tornadoes, and other emergencies by providing assistance to affected families.

Moki Cares

Last week Moki employees volunteered their time, helping to put together Emergency Food Kits. The Salvation Army gives these kits to families or individuals in need of groceries. Each kit provides enough groceries to last a week. Moki is happy to help support The Salvation Army mission in San Antonio.

How to Help

You can get involved and help support The Salvation Army of San Antonio as well. There are several opportunities to volunteer your time. Some of these include helping in the food pantry, assisting with food distribution, volunteering at the Boys and Girls Club, helping with the Senior Programs, being a Disaster Volunteer, and being a Bell Ringer during the holidays. On top of volunteering your time, you can also support The Salvation Army financially, or by donating items for The Salvation Army Family Stores. Check out the volunteer opportunities, here.


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