Moki Q2 Update

The Moki team is operating in full-force with our customers and partners. We are excited about some of the features that were released in the first quarter and our roadmap is growing to meet our customer’s needs! Our team is hyper-focused on the Moki Momentum Partnership Program to ensure we can reach new levels of collaborating with all of our new and existing partners!

We are grateful for the customers we work with, the partnerships we have, our hardworking team and the opportunities on the horizon. Below is our full quarterly update. 

Business Overview

At Moki, we serve those that don’t want to spend time thinking about MDM. We are working diligently to customize Moki so that customers spend as little time as possible on MDM and as much time as possible on the purpose of their devices.  Some of our customers are turning over their device management to our fully managed service offering so that it even is a distraction.

As our business grows, it’s important that our team grows with it. In the first quarter, Moki grew by adding a new developer to our team who specializes in both IOS and Android, improving our features and also configuring custom development for current customers and partners. Our support team is working diligently to create quarterly business reviews with our customers to show insights, trends and more and we will be launching this initiative this quarter! We also continued to grow our presence in LATAM with new partnerships and customers. On our partner side, we are redefining and executing on a more engaged partner strategy and offering more discounts and opportunities for our partners. 

Improved Offerings 

Managed Service

In the first half of 2022, we have also shifted gears to work on an improved offering for our customers where we offer managed service. We have rolled this out to a few customers and are anticipating a full launch later this quarter or early Q3. 

Dura Partnership

Our headquarters team continues to help Moki improve its offering, product and share updates with all of you. We work with the Dura marketing team to create content, share on our social media platforms and market promotions and offerings. We also work with our security and compliance officers and this quarter we have completed our SOC II, Type I! 

Feature Updates

In the first quarter, our development and support teams worked extremely hard to make updates and improvements to current features, as well as launch new features. It is also important to our team to share what features you can look for this quarter and beyond.

Q1 Updates:

  • New Last Seen Filter for use under Devices and Device Groups filtering
  • Customize Device Group Sort Order
  • Android Enterprise UI Improvements, including Config History, Policy Dropdown on Devices tab extended, and Search option added under Policies tab
  • Alert filtering for Android Enterprise under Devices and Device Groups filtering
  • Managed Apps section added for Android Enterprise devices
  • Export Users List added
  • Added Individual Notes to Devices in Android Enterprise
  • Added multi-select on Devices for bulk deletion, tag and notes editing
  • Now use the Push File action with BrightSign devices in Action Sequences
  • Bug fixes

Releasing in Q2 and Beyond:

  • Mac Support
  • Warning Prompt if trying to delete a device with a current App Lock
  • Improved UI for Device Groups to better display group filter items
  • Select to include Deleted/Checked Out devices when performing a Universal Search
  • New Search options for finding devices under Pre-Registration
  • Enroll devices with cellular data on Android Enterprise
  • Improved App Configuration layout for Android Enterprise
  • App Configuration cloning
  • Sony ProBravia Android TV support
  • UI improvements
  • Run specified script files
  • View and delete files in the device directory

Our team has made a lot of progress so far this year and we are excited to see what else is in-store for us. To learn more about Moki or connect with our team, feel free to reach out any time! 


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