Moki Q4 Release Notes: Enhancing Android Enterprise & Android Agent

Moki has just announced our Q4 updates to our Mobile Device Management (MDM) platform, specifically for Android Enterprise and Android Agent. In our release, we have rolled out improvements and new features designed to enhance user experience, streamline workflows, and deliver superior MDM capabilities. 

Android Enterprise Filters for Non-Compliance 

The non-compliance filters are designed to enhance your device management capabilities by allowing you to effectively sort and track devices based on their Policy Non-Compliance type. Available under the Device tab, device groups, and reports, these filters help ensure all your mobile devices and device groups remain in compliance with your set policies. 

The following are some of the categories that can now filter devices: 

  • Applications
  • Kiosk customization
  • Passwords policies 
  • playStoreMode
  • Bluetooth contact sharing is disabled 

Android Enterprise Can Perform Bulk Policy Updates

Moki has introduced the ability for Android Enterprise users to perform bulk updates to the Policy App Update Mode setting by application. This enhancement simplifies the process of managing application updates across multiple devices, saving valuable time and resources. Simply navigate to the Apps tab -> Select desired app -> Bulk App Update Mode to access this feature. 

The process for changing the setting in bulk across various policies is straightforward:

  1. Navigate to the Apps tab.
  2. Select your chosen application.
  3. Go to Bulk App Update Mode.
  4. Select the policies you want.
  5. Select your desired App Update Mode.
  6. Click Update.

Android Agent Now Has Enhanced Filtering

In the 2.0.108 update, we’ve significantly enhanced the filtering capabilities within the Android Agent. Previously, filters defaulted to an AND logic between categories such as “Apps” and “Tags,” while OR logic was used within categories like “Multiple Tags.”

Now, users have the flexibility to filter between categories using both AND/OR logic. This extends to filtering within categories, granting users more control and precision while managing their devices. This update brings a more intuitive and efficient experience while sorting and tracking devices.

The steps to filtering by both AND/OR are as follows:

  1. Toggle the block filter bar in the Devices tab.
  2. Then, toggle the section labeled “Condition between filters” for Device Groups & Reports.
  3. Proceed to toggle the given categories to select the filters as AND/OR.

Moki: Remaining a Step Ahead with Our MDM Solutions 

As we continue to innovate and refine our MDM solutions, we’re committed to equipping our users with the tools they need to manage their mobile device fleets effectively. We’re excited to see how these Q4 updates will streamline your operations and enhance your MDM experience. 

Contact Moki today to learn more about our MDM platform and its latest version updates. 


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