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In an effort to better reflect the function of of Moki Touch 2, it is being rebranded as Moki Kiosk. Moki Kiosk contains the same great features you have enjoyed in Moki Touch but has several improvements and a new feature that allows you to now choose between two web viewers according to your needs. A web viewer is essentially the browser functionality that is used to display your web app. Previously users were only able to use UIWebView as their web viewer but now we offer both UIWebView as well as WkWebView. We believe there are use cases for both but that in some cases you may see better performance with “WkWebView”. Here is what you need to know about your implementation. 

New Template Version

Please note with this new update there will be a new template version. If you have templates for your app settings and want to take advantage of the new web view feature you will need to create new templates that reflect the updated template settings following this guide: How To Update Saved Settings Templates.

Changed App Name In Moki Control

With this updated app comes a new name for the tenant app within Moki. Your settings will now be managed in the Moki app layer for Moki Kiosk, even if your devices are still utilizing Moki Touch 2.

Web Viewer

As mentioned above, this version of Moki Kiosk offers two choices for your web viewer. These are:

  • UIWebView: the original web view included previously in Moki Touch. Some implementations of web apps cause this web view to grow in memory usage so you may want to test WKWebView
  • WKWebView:

Where to get it?

As always you can download the new version from the iTunes app store as soon as it is available. It will, of course, be available via using VPP as well and that is our recommended way to distribute App Store apps to your devices. Here is a link to the store version.

How to update?

If you already have the iTunes store version of Moki Touch 2 on your device, you will be able install Moki Kiosk over it. They use the same app identifier so as far as your device is concerned, this is just a new version of the same app. Many of your devices will pick up the new version automatically but if not, please follow these steps for updating your apps

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