MokiMobility fun at WWDC 2012!

All week thousands of iOS and Mac developers have descended on San Francisco for the annual Apple World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC). With thousands of developers held captive in the line, waiting for the keynote to start, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to tell others about MokiMobility and how we can help these innovative developers build amazing single-purpose solutions for iOS. The idea came out of a brainstorm trying to come up with the best way to attract attention, while visually telling the MokiMobility story. In our view, there are lots of single-purpose devices that are becoming obsolete as the iPad begins to take their place. From that the idea for a cart full of junk was born.

With some creativity, lots of phone calls and plenty of time on eBay, our shopping cart full of junk became a reality. We got the kiosk stand from iPadEnclosures and the shopping cart from a produce market out in Daly City. The day before WWDC started, I began assembling the cart in my hotel room. As you can see in the pictures, it wasn’t a pretty sight. The evening maids found it amusing and entertaining; I’m pretty sure the morning maids didn’t find it so entertaining!


We got tweets and even a picture included in InformationWeek‘s coverage.

Overall, the cart had the desired affect, lots of developers taking pictures and remarking on the idea. This was a fun project, but more importantly it has raised the awareness of using iPads as single-purpose devices, replacing point-of-sale systems, credit card swipes, employee time clocks and a whole host of other use cases.

There was even a legit bum with his own shopping cart.

We’re already in the middle of plans for an even more exciting GoogleIO stunt, so watch for us on June 27th in San Francisco!

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