MokiTouch for iPad, now available on App Store

MokiTouch for iPad is now available on the Apple App Store. The iOS companion to the recently released Android app, MokiTouch for iPad is a customizable browser app to turn any iPad into a fully locked and managed kiosk.

iPads and Android tablets are starting to appear in all kinds of public-facing ways. Tablets are a natural choice for these use cases because they are user-friendly and cost-effective. As some of the early innovators have found, using iPads and Android tablets as kiosks in such a public way has it’s risks. Securing the device and the app so your customers consistently see only the experience you have designed is difficult. Some have tried using Safari and enclosures to lock down the device, but that isn’t enough to provide a safe and secure experience. Just mounting an iPad and opening Safari gives your customers a portal to the entire web and they can simply type in any URL; opening up yourself to the risk of indecent and inappropriate content being left on screen for the next user.

However, using MokiTouch you can remotely control the whole experience from the app to the hardware. App features include:

  • Showing/hiding the web address
  • Administrator password, to keep pranksters out
  • Clear private data button – automatically clear user’s private data like usernames and passwords
  • Up to 6 custom buttons to point to any website
  • Print to any airprint printer
  • Shutoff the screen at night
  • More

Device management features include:

  • Push app updates
  • Remove default iPad apps, like: iTunes, Safari, Camera, App Store…
  • Manage Wifi settings
  • Even lock the home button

Go download MokiTouch from the AppStore and then request a MokiManage account so you can remotely manage all of your iPad kiosks.


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