MokiTouch is now more customizable with theme colors!

A new version of MokiTouch is available in the App Store now. Along with some stability improvements and bug fixes, this version has a great new feature: Colors! MokiTouch is now even more customizable with the ability to skin the browser elements to match your content inside of your iPad kiosk. Specifically, you can specify the color of the bars, buttons, text and even add images to custom buttons.

You can see in the screenshot I have changed the colors of the bars and buttons to black and added icons to the buttons along the bottom. You can specify any HEX color for the bars and the buttons in the Theme Color setting. For text color, any HEX color will work as well. For images, 40×40 is the ideal size, but large images will be resized down to fit.

One thing to note, you cannot change these colors inside the app itself. These options will not show up inside of the app settings, you will need to log into MokiManage and select your device and change the colors there. If you have the app, but do not have a MokiManage account, you can request one here. You can find the app on the App Store.

What do you think of this new feature? We would love to see how you customize your kiosk. Send us a screenshot!

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