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What are Managed App Configurations in Android Enterprise:

Any app developer can develop their app to support Managed App Configurations for Android Enterprise. Managed App Configurations allow app users to remotely manage and control app settings through their EMM provider. For example, Moki Kiosk (a controlled web browser) allows you to set the allowed domains, navigation bar settings, color theme, etc. for the web browser when using Moki Kiosk. These settings can all be managed remotely through Moki’s Android Enterprise platform. This is similar to the Manage Settings option for apps in Moki’s Agent platform. 

What are OEM Managed App Configurations in Android Enterprise:

OEM Managed App Configurations are apps developed by device manufacturers with Managed App Configuration built-in to provide even greater granular control of the device configurations. For example, an OEM Managed App Configuration may provide greater control to disable individual options within the device settings, or the ability to remotely control the device’s APN Settings, along with countless other possibilities.

Below is a list of all manufacturers that currently offer an app with OEM Managed App Configurations:


App Package Name

Cipher Labcom.cipherlab.oemconfig.common
HMDGlobal – 7.2com.hmdglobal.app.oemconfig.n7_2
HMDGlobal – 4.2com.hmdglobal.app.oemconfig.n4_2
HMDGlobal – 5.3com.hmdglobal.app.oemconfig.n5_3
Nokia – Same as HMD Globalcom.hmdglobal.app.oemconfig.n7_2
Point Mobiledevice.apps.emkitagent
Samsung – Read Morecom.samsung.android.knox.kpu
Social Mobilecom.rhinomobility.oemconfig
Spectralink – Barcodescom.spectralink.barcode.service
Spectralink – Buttonscom.spectralink.buttons
Spectralink – Devicecom.spectralink.slnkdevicesettings
Spectralink – Loggingcom.spectralink.slnklogger
Spectralink – VQOcom.spectralink.slnkvqo
Unitech Electronicscom.unitech.oemconfig
Zebra Technologies – Read Morecom.zebra.oemconfig.common

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