Plan Ahead with Action Sequences

Mobile devices, Kiosks, POS devices and just about every other type of MDM-enabled device needs to perform updates, install apps, or complete other actions remotely on a large scale. While these are critical for device functionality, the last thing you want is to disrupt the end-user experience. Wouldn’t it be nice to schedule these updates in advance to ensure you create a seamless experience and minimize device downtime? With our tool, Action Sequences, this is entirely possible. 

What are Action Sequences?

Action Sequences give your team the ability to perform actions, apply profiles/policies, and install or remove apps in bulk at a scheduled time. App, profile, or even system-level iOS updates and more can be scheduled for times when devices will be inactive so end-users device use is not disrupted. Action sequence windows and expirations can be customized as well to prevent updates from occurring during peak device interaction times.

Monitor Action Sequences

Customers can schedule single or multiple actions in a sequence to 10s or thousands of devices at a time. These can be scheduled as a one-time occurrence or repeating daily. Our recommendation is to schedule these items to occur after hours to ensure minimal disruption to your team or end-users. Once scheduled or run, the status of the items in the sequence can be tracked using Action History. This will tell you the successes and failures of the sequences as well as details like:

  • Number of devices in the sequence 
  • Actions taken 
  • Sequence status
  • Frequency of the sequence 
  • Start and end time of the sequence
  • Batch size 
  • Device type

Additionally, we understand that every platform is unique, which is why we have tailored the interfaces and functionality depending on the platform. Whether using Android Agent, iOS, Android Enterprise, or BrightSign, Action Sequence options for each match that platforms needs abd abilities. 

How Our Customers Use Action Sequences 

One of our customers has 10s of thousands of devices that they need to regularly perform app updates on. Before using Moki’s Action Sequences, they were having to tediously manage these app updates, which took up a lot of time. Today, they use Action Sequences to quickly update apps across all of their devices in bulk.

Another Moki customer uses their devices to run advertisements. With Action Scheduling, they now have a daily repeating schedule to take a screenshot on each of their devices to show proof of play on the ads.

Action Sequences are a powerful tool that can save your team time, keep the user experience highly effective and maximize the functionality of your mobile devices. To see a demo of this amazing feature, contact our team at Moki. 




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