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With the purpose of providing a better experience for our customers and after hearing your feedback from the previous Customer Satisfaction survey, we decided to move the Profiles section to a position we believe will be easier to identify.


When you want to display the inventory of the Profiles that are currently applied to your device, after selecting the name of the device and clicking on the Inventory section, you need to scroll all the way down to locate the list of profiles that the device has. However, if your list of Managed Apps and Apps were expanded, sometimes it was very difficult to go to the bottom of the list because Android devices use to have a long list of apps installed.


As we know this is one of the data that our customers use more frequently, we moved the Profile section to the top of the Inventory list, that way it will be easier to review the profiles applied to a device and will make your navigation through Moki console for Android more efficient.

profiles screenshot

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