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This category covers Moki's Agent/Device Administrator management solution.


This category covers Moki's iOS management solution.

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This category covers Moki's Android Enterprise management solution.


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Release Notes 2.0.104 - Android Agent and Android Enterprise

August 8, 2023

  • Reports Summary on Android Agent Now Includes Selected Fields and Filter Criteria

  • Android Enterprise Now Has a Filter for Last Status Report Available

    • This new filter option can be utilized under the Devices tab filters, Device Groups, and Reports.
  • New Enrollment Option Available for Android Agent

    • Currently, if the same device is re-enrolled into an account after being deleted, that device will re-use its previous name (if a new one is not assigned), as well as any previous Tags.
    • Users can now choose to have deleted devices that are re-enrolled, to not re-use their previous device name and Tags.
    • Reach out to Moki Support via the in-app chat or at if you would like to learn more.
  • Bug Fixes

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