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Release Notes 2.0.97 - Android Agent

March 2, 2023

  • App Report for Android Agent Apps

    •  Users can now download an App Report from the Apps tab
    • This report will include all devices that currently have the chosen app installed. This is based on the app Package Name. So all versions of the app with the same Package Name will be included in the chosen App Report
    • The report includes the following data:
      • Device Name
      • Device UDID
      • Device Serial Number
      • Device Model
      • Device Product Name
      • Device Android Version
      • Device Enrollment Code
      • Device Ethernet MAC Address
      • Device WiFi MAC Address
      • Device IMEI (when applicable)
      • Device Latitude
      • Device Longitude
      • Device Phone Number (where applicable)
      • App Name
      • App Version Name
      • App Version Code
  • Bug Fixes

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