MDM for Tablet-based Digital Signage

Streamline Signage Updates

Businesses today are utilizing digital signage solutions to deliver interactive displays with contextual information in ways that printed signage cannot. Moki allows you to turn Android & iOS devices into dedicated signage displays or media players by locking your devices to a single application, media player, or a CMS. Using Moki’s Total Control platform, you can then remotely manage and monitor these devices as well as push content updates.

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Manage content delivery and security updates for remote, static devices


Get Up and Running Quickly
Deploy a wide range of devices to be used as Digital Signage with Moki’s MDM solution. Set up is made easy with Moki’s ability to push out settings, apps, and content to fleets of devices, large or small, at the click of a button.


Remotely Update Content
Moki allows you to manage all your Digital Signage devices from one easy to use application. Easily tag, group, and manage all your devices. Efficiently update content and settings on signage across any group or all your devices with a few clicks of a button.


Consistent, Secure Experiences
By locking your devices to a single application, media player application, or a CMS (content management solution) application, you can rest assured that your customers are only seeing what you want them to see.


Measure Customer Engagement
Moki Total Control Analytics gives you in-depth knowledge of customer interactions with your Digital Signage devices. No more guessing if your content is reaching the customers you want.

*Moki Analytics only available for iOS devices


Swift Support Made Easy
Easily monitor your devices with Moki’s customizable alerts that notify you if there are any issues with your devices, and enable you to address them in real-time. Utilize Moki Remote Control and screenshot features to view content and fix any problems without needing someone physically at the location. Schedule updates to go live at the most convenient times for your Digital Signage devices, as not to interrupt your customer’s experience.

**Remote Control only available for Android devices

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Digital Signage FAQs

What types of devices does Moki support?

Moki is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

Does Moki provide hardware for digital signage?

Moki is not a device manufacturer or reseller. Moki MDM can be pre-installed on devices from our partners. Contact us to learn more about our partner program.

How can I tell if all my devices are running smoothly?

Moki’s customizable alerts notify you in real time if there are issues detected, or the device falls out of compliance.

Is Moki compatible with my CMS system?

Moki runs in the background of the device and is used to set permissions and application profiles only, allowing you to use the software of your choice.

What types of things can digital signs be used for?

Businesses are using digital signs for digital visual merchandising, wayfinding signage, event signage, digital billboards, aisle-signage in grocery store, digital signage in medical facilities, and much more.