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Supported Devices

Moki works with all iOS devices with no special builds or add-ons required. Android devices must be enabled with our Moki Agent. When Moki Agent is enabled for a device, it certifies that Moki Control and its necessary functions and key features work with the device.

There are dozens of options for Android tablets that fall into one of two categories:

  • Simple Android firmware the Original Device Manufacturer (ODM) has applied to the device so it is basically unchanged from the original Android
  • Android firmware with complex integrations to proprietary APIs created by the ODM

In general the more simple the Android firmware, the easier it is for Moki to integrate with the device and vice versa.

Moki maintains a list of supported devices and manufacturers we work with. If you are considering using a specific device that is not supported by Moki, we can work with you and your manufacturer to enable Moki Agent for your device of choice.

For a list of supported devices or to determine whether or not we can enable your device, please contact one of our specialists.

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