Taylor Boats Uses Kiosks to Increase Sales

Last week we posted about the need to leverage mobile technology to improve in-store experiences. If you’ll recall, Retail Systems Research has reported that 80% of retailers believe their store results will continue to erode unless they incorporate technology as part of the store experience. As digital services increase and compete for wallet-share, businesses must give more consideration to the type of experience they are providing in-store if they want to remain relevant to their customers.

At Moki, we have the privilege of working with companies who are ahead of the game and doing just that. We have worked with a variety of different organizations, from retailers to educational institutions, who are using mobile technology to enhance the in-person experience that their customers/patrons are having.

We are pleased to introduce the first in a series of use cases of Moki customers who are using mobile to engage their customers in unique ways. Meet Taylor Boats.

By turning an iPad into a kiosk ,Taylor Boats was able to improve customer engagement, shorten the sales cycle, save on the cost per sale and sell more boats. Kudos to Taylor Boats!

Could your business benefit by turning an iPad or Android device into a kiosk? Here are some simple yet powerful ways that businesses are using kiosks to engage their customers, save time and increase cost savings:

  1. Looping screen savers are being placed throughout the store to enhance the brand experience
  2. Product demo videos are run on kiosks to educate customers
  3. Frequently asked questions are present on kiosks so that customers can learn more without needing to consult a representative
  4. Customers are able to sign up for specials and coupons at kiosks throughout the store
  5. Customers are able to compare product/model features using a kiosk
  6. Customers can check product inventory across locations
  7. Customers can check online inventory, order and pay for products on the kiosk
  8. Much, much more

Considering a kiosk project for your business?  Give us a call at (844) 665-4669 or request a demo at moki.com/demo.


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