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This category covers Moki's Agent/Device Administrator management solution.


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This article will explain the three levels of administrators in Moki: Owner, User and Viewer.

Section 1: Owner

Admins have access to everything inside of Moki. They can create new admins and change the settings of other admins. WARNING: There is no Super Admin so any admin can delete another admin. The Admin level is intended for those who are Team Leads and Supervisors. The Admin is the only permission level that has access to scheduled actions and add new admins. They also can exclusively delete devices from MDM, factory reset a device or delete Aps, profiles, policies, alerts and scheduled actions.

Section 2: User

The User level has access to manage devices with the exception of deleting them from MDM altogether or sending a Factory Reset. There are a few other items they cannot delete from the account, such as apps, profiles, policies, enrollment templates, alerts and account info. The User level is intended for everyday support users helping troubleshoot devices. If a device requires a factory reset or setting up complicated and potentially account wide impacting items, an Admin is required.

Section 3: Viewer

The Viewer level has access to view items in some of the tabs. They can see the devices and their details and can see the settings of apps. They are not allowed to perform actions on the account that impact the device, such as applying apps and profiles or changing settings.



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