Using Customer Facing Devices For In-Store Marketing

Technological changes combined with the increase in digital selling services, like Amazon, have raised significant challenges for retailers and brands that rely heavily on bricks and mortar locations. How do you provide a unique and engaging in-store experience? How do you keep a unified brand message across multiple locations? How do you keep a unified brand message across physical stores and digital properties? How do you innovate and leverage consumer-accepted technologies?

These are the types of challenges Customer Facing Devices help marketers to answer. Customer Facing Devices bridge the gap between a brand’s physical and digital properties by delivering relevant and contextual Digital Interactions in physical store locations.

Customer Facing Devices are changing the face of retail and revolutionizing the way that brands and retailers leverage technology in store. Whether placed directly in front of customers, or in the hands of employees, Customer Facing Devices elevate the in-store experience resulting in increased sales and customer satisfaction and improved processes.

Here are just a few ways that marketers are using Customer Facing Devices:

1. Digital Kiosks that allow customers to browse online inventory and order items for either in-store pickup or home delivery create an “Endless Aisle” experience. Customers want to be able to touch, feel and try on products in-store. But they also want to have the options available to them when shopping online. By providing an endless aisle experience, you give your customers both.

2. Businesses are administering loyalty programs on Customer Facing Devices. Businesses are experiencing increased sign-ups by simply allowing their customers to sign up on tablets. This also cuts down on processing and data-entry time and enables them to begin interacting with their customers immediately.

3. Businesses are enhancing the shopping experience by controlling sensory elements with headless devices and sensor hubs. These Customer Facing Devices control lighting, visual displays and audio based on factors like time of day, weather, and store traffic.

Learn more about how to use Customer Facing Devices for in-store marketing by downloading “The CMO’s Guide To Customer Facing Devices“.


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