What Role Does MDM/TMS/EMM Play in the Management of POS Systems?

POS or Point of Sale refers to the place where a customer makes a purchase. This purchase can take place online, on a mobile app, or in a physical store. A POS system is the device where the transaction takes place, ranging from a traditional cash register or self-serving kiosk to more modern solutions such as an iPad, tablet, or laptop. 

These days, it’s more common for businesses to use iPads, Android tablets, or smartphones as mPOS (mobile point of sale) systems in place of traditional cash registers because digital devices are cheap and straightforward to use. mPOS systems are robust and necessary tools for your business, but how do you take advantage of them while also keeping your data secure? 

That’s where mobile device management (MDM), terminal management system (TMS), and enterprise mobility management (EMM) come into play. MDM, TMS, and EMM all refer to the software that enables you to secure and control your POS systems.

Besides simply allowing for purchases, MDM, TMS, and EMM will enable you to use your POS systems to make business transactions smoother for everyone involved.


Digital Device Deployment

Small businesses may only have a few mPOS systems, whereas larger companies could have thousands. Either way, you’ll want an MDM solution that can keep up with the ever-changing needs of your business—an EMM solution that allows you to expand and scale your fleet of mPOS devices quickly and efficiently. EMM software with automated deployment capabilities will enable you to deploy new mPOS terminals or migrate existing ones in the field with no hassle or hiccups.


Control of Your POS Systems

Organizing mobile device fleets may seem daunting, but mobile device management software makes it a breeze. MDM gives you the ability to easily tag or group mPOS terminals by device, purpose, location, or any way that makes sense for your business. Then, you can deploy updates and actions that only apply to specific groups. For example, you could have only the iPads in your fleet allow access to a certain app, or you could make your device in San Antonio show a specific web page or application promoting local discounts, coupons, or campaigns.


Security for mPOS Terminals

Software updates and security patches are critical for keeping your mPOS terminals and the data they transmit protected. Yet, these updates can interfere with user experience when not timed correctly. Using MDM software, you can plan your device updates when no customers will be using the devices. Additionally, IT personnel will not have to be physically present at each device. Simply update your devices remotely through the EMM platform.


Maintenance of Digital Devices

Technology is bound to have issues occasionally. There is no need to sweat it when you have a mobile device management platform in your corner. Rather than sending and waiting for IT professionals to physically check up on your devices, with an EMM platform, you can receive automatic alerts if issues arise with your terminals. Then you can quickly troubleshoot the device from afar.


Trust Moki To Help You Remotely Manage Your mPOS Device Fleet

Moki is an enterprise mobility management platform compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets to suit all of your ePOS system needs. Moki runs in the background of the device and is used to set permissions and application profiles only so that you can use the POS software of your choice.

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